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SCAN DRYER AB Trusted International OEM Supplier for over 35 years

Based in Sweden. SCAN DRYER AB is a wholly owned Swedish compressed air manufacture with over 35 years expertise in the field. Our state of the art proprietary designs have been the trusted source of high quality compressed air equipment by clients that span worldwide. We believe in tailor fitting the compressed air equipments in the precise conditions that will be operating under thus ensuring that equipment will delivers years of worry free operation

Scan-dryer delivers on customer’s request, classified compressed air equipment of various classification society such

as DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd´s Register and others.

Welcome to Scan dryer, your partner in compressed air treatment

Scan Dryer AB

Hammarv. 18

S-567 32 Vaggeryd


Tel: +46 (0) 370 750 25     

Fax: +46 (0) 370 751 16


Scandryer AB | Hammarv. 18 | S-567 32 Vaggeryd | SWEDEN | Tel. +46 (0) 370 750 25

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